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    I have been watching the Bucks since 1969 , so I have seen a lot in the history of the league as well as this team..

    I bring forth this discussion because well over a decade ago the first 10-20 games teams were 'warming up' to the long season.

    This process was of course based on Pro's when they play as well as the long and arduous season.
    My point is the last 1-2 minutes the body language of a team losing , shows up as quitting , and waiting for the clock to expire.

    The last decade things have changed.... players only take off 2-3 weeks in the off season , because the profession has become more demanding and urgency to win , and beat players and teams.

    THAT MEANS : the beginning of the season is not based on warming up to the long haul season , but to win NOW.

    My point is if I were to pull up the last 20 years of the Milwaukee Bucks , I would find that the first 20 games of every season shows the team over all having a poor start.
    If you play .500 ball it takes a significant toll on players , coaches and franchise to gather themselves and make a push to make the playoffs.
    So if this is what happens to a team at .500 ball , just think what the coaches as well as the front office starts thinking when the team is less then .500 ball !!!

    Players on a team that are under .500 are putting more pressure on themselves to play at a higher level at the seasons end.
    Some veteran teams can do this , history shows that , but most teams in the NBA have learned that having a mix of young players and veterans makes a better franchise. It is important for those young players understand the ethics of the early season and play hard , even up to the last seconds of the game.
    Years ago I was at a Boston/ Indy game , and Indy could easily have put Boston away , but Boston kept hanging around. Last few minutes I never saw Boston take a shot inside the arc... everything 3 pts..
    They came within 5 points , before Indy won , but the 3 point line has helped teams close the gap in a game that appears to have been won.
    A team should never rely on that situation to try to win a game...
    In other words = WIN THE WHOLE GAME.

    The NBA is a vey competitive game, where we have some excellent players , and that is why we have as many franchises in the league as we do.
    It used to be 2 all-stars could push to win a chip , and now it is legit 4 players to win a chip , and we are not even talking about dynasties....

    The Bucks have injuries , significantly PARKER...
    Buck franchise has input from Kidd and he would be more than happy to have 10 point guards on his team ....
    Bledsoe was not a great move , because the Bucks all ready had 4 point guards including Giannis as a main ball point forward.
    The off season we lost a forward that played significant minutes off the bench , playing with Moose (Monroe) that was traded for Bledsoe.
    That forward Beasley and moose played an important part having an inside / outside game...
    I am not saying THE BUCKS SHOT THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT , but now they have to find a source within their team that makes up for that offense and defense that was an inside game.

    URGENCY - you bet , they have to start winning , otherwise they will not get one of the top 4 spots in the playoffs , where everyone thought they would be playing in the playoffs and making a big difference for the franchise.

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    Nobody posts here, bruh..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosnian Sajo
    Nobody posts here, bruh..
    they read bro

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