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    Default Will Celtics keep Marcus Smart?

    And how much should they spend in the process?

    A blog entry on this:

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    Default Re: Will Celtics keep Marcus Smart?

    He’s a terrible shooter and he’s shown no signs of developing a reliable shot as he’s entering his fifth season; he’s seriously a bottom-of-the-league shooter. It’s great that he doesn’t shy from the big moments...but he’s straight up not good enough to be relied on for those moments. He can’t run the offense all that well.

    He excels at being a scrappy, strong defender who makes “Marcus Smart” plays at both ends of the floor that can swing a close game and make the Garden crowd go bananas.

    At best he’s a classic role player but he’s got a limited market of suitors, I think. Teams that are looking for talent at value aren’t getting it with him because his skill set is so narrow. What’s that worth to a team that isn’t the Celtics or some other contending team that needs a guy like that? Is he worth JR Smith money? There’s some room for debate in there.

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    Default Re: Will Celtics keep Marcus Smart?

    Marcus Smart is a terrible shooter

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