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    Default Re: How terrified are you of the Browns

    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Drew View Post
    We are Gods amongst men. I love you all.
    National Championship tomorrow

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    Default Re: How terrified are you of the Browns

    Quote Originally Posted by scuzzy View Post
    game on!

    Chiefs gonna murk tho my boy

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    Default Re: How terrified are you of the Browns

    Quote Originally Posted by Doomsday Dallas View Post
    Browns will get a shot at the Champ.

    Could be epic.

    Any given Sunday.

    I am not sure people are properly recognizing how incredible the Browns offense has been -- really all season long. They've scored over 40 points four times this year. And it isn't like all of those points came against the Bengals or Jaguars or the like. They were all huge games.

    The first 40 burger was hung on the Cowboys in Week 3. I know what you're thinking... "the Browns should put a ton of points on the Cowboys." But this was in Week 4 and in Dallas. The Browns were heavy underdogs going in and this was a game before Dak Prescott got hurt and their season went down the drain. The Browns went in 6-7 point underdogs and were beating the Cowboys 41-14 at the end of the third quarter. The final score was 49-38 but they played incredibly soft, base defense for the entire fourth quarter.

    Then it was the Titans, who were coming off of their biggest win of the season, hanging 45 points on the Colts. The Browns, again big underdogs, again came out and immediately put the Titans in a massive hole. It was 38-7 at halftime. The Titans, like the Cowboys, made a run at the end but the game was never in doubt. The Browns completely took their foot off the gas and still put up 41 points.

    Then there was the incredible Monday night game vs the Ravens. Back-and-forth all the way, Lamar played probably his best game as a pro and they still needed a Justin Tucker 50+ yard FG as time expired to beat the Browns. There was a meaningless safety at the end. Final score was 47-42 Ravens. The Ravens defense is legitimately good. No other opponent has even come close to putting 42 points on them. The Browns did.

    Now we get to last Sunday in the biggest Browns game in 30 years. Again, they were massive underdogs in Pittsburgh against one of the best defenses in the NFL. Again, they went bananas. You can look at the turnovers as a reason and it definitely was part of it, but the Browns weren't getting interceptions, getting a few yards and settling for FGs. Every time the Steelers made a mistake, the Browns were almost immediately coming back with touchdowns. When the Steelers started their comeback in the 2nd quarter, the Browns responded with a touchdown. Same thing late in the game.

    They also beat the Colts handily, putting 32 points on a very good defense.

    There are only two other teams remaining in the playoffs that scored 40+ points four times. Those are the Packers (4), Buccaneers (4) .... and the Browns (4).

    I understand why the Chiefs are the favorites. Maybe they should even be heavy favorites. But this Browns offense is absolutely dangerous and it doesn't seem like they're perceived that way for whatever reason.

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