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Thread: 2019 Off Season Moves

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    They still have to take back roughly the same amount of money. They would likely prefer it to be shorter deals. I'm not sure if Miami can clear the space to do it. I think it takes a 1st round pick. I just wonder if Westbrook and Griffin can exist together. I suppose he did with CP3 and that's another guy that needs the ball in his hands. Not much of a different team from the Clippers at that point. Dre and Jordan are very similar. The Pistons probably aren't quite as deep. I would almost not want to give up Doumbouya. I'd rather be in the spot that OKC is in a way. A bunch of 1st round picks. Just blow it up and rebuild the right way. The scary thing is if it doesn't work out there is nothing that can be done for at least 3 years and from there you would need to build through the draft. It would take a decade to make the team relevant again.

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    Geez Bruce Brown has looked GREAT at PG in Summer League so far. I know he started mostly at SG last year, but he legit looks like he could play heavy minutes as backup PG this year.

    Ppg: 13.5
    Rpg: 8.0
    Apg: 8.2
    Spg: 1.5
    Bpg: 1.5

    Has looked confident, and has often made the right pass at the right time. Looks in control.

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    Remember Austin Daye? lol

    Looks like we missed out on Westbrook. Could be a good thing. Who knows.

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    Brown was ranked #6 I feel like this summer league is just not as good. Too many top players from college sat out. That's just odd.

    One this I find funny is Detroit was in all those rumors to take on Westbrook's contract. They definitely aren't in the trade rumors for Chris Paul. I would imagine Blake Griffin wants nothing to do with that lol.

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    [QUOTE]Another name to watch is Pau Gasol. The Pistons have interest in him, a person with firsthand knowledge of the situation told the Free Press. A partnership could be natural, considering Pistons vice chairman Arn Tellem is Gasol

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    Gasol on the vet min would be a handy addition behind Dre, but I was kind of hoping to see more Maker at C, and even Markeiff in some small ball rotations.

    Maker / Markeif / Sekou all battling for backup minutes - Sekou can slide to the 3 with his athleticism - but you would think with Pau, either one of Maker or Morris will be out of the rotation?...

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    Pau Gasol wound up signing with the Blazers

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    Had to look up where Austin Daye is now. He is already 31. Seems like we drafted him 3 or 4 years ago. Where have all the draft picks gone....

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    Lol, yeah time flies. Not much has changed with the team though. Still mediocre as I thought.

    I actually really like the Beasley signing. I've been saying he's a bargain for years. It's non-guaranteed unless he makes the roster. I expect him to make the roster. Detroit has been so weak at SF for a very long time now. I think he could actually compete for a starting spot. He's a guy that can put up over 20 on any given night. He really just needs an opportunity.

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    I read an article about how the Pistons told Thon Maker that he's going to have a bigger role and they are going to change a few things around for him. That tells me they're going to give him a legit chance to show he's a starter in this league. With Drummond saying what he did about becoming a FA I think they are starting to think about what would happen if he leaves Detroit. I can't see maxing out Drummond again. I would really like to have him back though. He's one of the better centers in the game. He's just not a max money player that you build your team around. This free agent class is weak. It would seem odd a team just max's him out though.

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    I'm cool with the team signing Joe Johnson. I think it's silly to waive Beasley. We needed help on the wing and Beasley's length is better when he's playing SF.

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    Derrick Rose should by far be the starter. That was a good pickup. We all knew it.

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    There's only one silver lining to the way the season has went so far. We aren't mediocre right now. If it keeps going this way maybe we could actually fix our PG situation in the draft. Kennard has a bigger role and has been good too so to see him grow has been positive. We really need a young back court. Rose was great at the beginning of the season. I wouldn't expect him to stay healthy though. I still expect this team to make a playoff push. Now that Griffin is back with him, Drummond, Rose, and Kennard it will be mediocre. Then we make a choice to not have any cap space and resign Drummond or rebuild. Which either way I'd much rather have a high draft pick this year. This team will be stuck in mediocrity even longer if that doesn't happen.

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    Wonder if they should trade Andre Drummond.

    Because, he's putting up monster numbers this season, and is definitely going to opt to test free agency this summer...

    Wonder what the return could be.

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