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Thread: So Damien tells the media he is "exhausted?"

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    Default Re: So Damien tells the media he is "exhausted?"

    Quote Originally Posted by BigShotBob
    "Exhaustion" is the weakest excuse in the world.

    I had to go on 25 mile hikes in the military back to back to back to back.

    You don't know tired until you're stationed on a ship only to realize that for 6-9 months straight you don't get "weekends" off and you have to wake up every morning to work at 0530.

    They get an entire day of rest in between games. A day of rest on a deployment is a blessing.

    These guys were probably in better shape now than I was back then. They don't have any excuses. Access to better care and physical therapy and treatment than I had overseas, trust me.

    I really hate hearing shit like this.

    Rodman did the stairmaster for an hour after every game.

    Enough said.

    These guys are elite athletes and you're asking them to play 40-45 minutes of Playoff basketball with at least one day in between for rest.

    It's unfair to compare Lillard to an ATG like Rodman though, there aren't too many people in history with his kind of mindset. To go from a guy who couldn't really score or pass to an All-NBA level player that makes the HOF. Dennis was all effort/hard work. 15 rebounds a game in arguably the greatest decade for big men in league history as a 6-6 guy.

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    Default Re: So Damien tells the media he is "exhausted?"

    The blazers just aren

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    Default Re: So Damien tells the media he is "exhausted?"

    He played very selfishly and just downright stupidly. Driving into multiple defenders like Dray and Klay.

    If his shot is not falling he's kind of useless. No defense, turnovers and not great at making plays for others.

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    Default Re: So Damien tells the media he is "exhausted?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Bankaii
    You sound like you've never played basketball before in your life.

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