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    Question Are you book smart or street smart?


    Do you have good mechanics and IQ of how organized team basketball is playerd (YMCA)


    Do you have funky handles, mean pull up jimbo but completely take your team out the game (Rucker)

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    Default Re: Are you book smart or street smart?

    I routinely guard the guys with the best handles and I do a good job staying in front of them. That being said, at my age I would get REKT at rucker I hate when guys just wanna ISO on me and try to break my ankles. If I steal the ball or lock someone down the whole game, but he breaks my ankle once... no one will remember how I locked dude up. They are gonna remember him shaking me

    I play in a league and I'm a 3 and D guy. I will never drop 30, unless teams are dumb and leave me open all game. My ceiling is like 15 points on 5 threes. Sunday I hit 4-6 on 3s. Everyone said I was the player of the game... and I'm like uh huh sure lol. Usually I hit 1 or 2 threes and I will never get another open look the rest of the game because the defense will pay attention to me. We have 1 superstar and our PG is solid. I guess providing space for them is still valuable and I'm a good willing passer.

    What about you scuzzay?

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