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Thread: powell & Lowry

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    Default powell & Lowry

    Both players are shooting at a great clip in games 1 3,&4.


    It's simple , they are wide open , and are NOT being manned up.
    Bucks can stop the bleeding , if they just put D on these guys.

    Then Leonard and Siakam will have to beat the rest of the Bucks.

    The Bucks if they play DEFENSE can beat Toronto.

    In game 4 I never saw one play Raptors called out...

    They are just a scrappy team , and are getting into the Bucks heads.

    Hopefully when at home the BUCKS can right the ship.

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    Default Re: powell & Lowry

    game 5 46 points = lowry/ powell / vanfleet

    should I just call it = wide open / no defense / knock down shoot.

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