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    Default DeAndre Hunter is my first choice

    as the pick for Cleveland at #5. He might get snapped up by someone else. I just think they need that two way player. I also think Cedi can co-exist with him well on the court.

    Other prospects impressed me, but some did not. I am not sure about Jarrett Culver. I am also lukewarm on Reddish. Those two don't seem to have that NBA gear yet. I like the two Gonzaga kids, HAchimura and Clarke (mostly Clarke). I would take Coby White as a 1-2 punch with Sexton. I definitely Do Not think Romeo Langford is ready for the NBA. I would not take Langford .. not even with the 26th pick.

    But I wish all of these kids well. I just want the Cavs picks to be better than the rest

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    Default Re: DeAndre Hunter is my first choice

    ^ No to all of that in the end. Cavs wanting a 6'2" or shorter backcourt.

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    Default Re: DeAndre Hunter is my first choice

    How many games do you think the Cavs will win this year

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