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Thread: GOAT summer drink?

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    Default Re: GOAT summer drink?

    Quote Originally Posted by Smoke117
    Fukk all this gay ass broad shit. Bourbon is my drink through all the seasons.
    Have a fresh coconut opened and drink the water, Smoke. That will ease all your frustrations.

    Quote Originally Posted by highwhey
    damn all this coconut talk making me want one in this hot ass weather. never had ot hungover but i know it has a lot of potassium. taste so fcking good too. i really want one know
    God damn. Getting one right now. Gonna go wake up the security.

    I LOVE alcohol, but if I had to choose between coconut water and alcohol for the rest of my life, I would pick coconut water.

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    Default Re: GOAT summer drink?

    Want to think of something else like the rest of you... but lets be real, nothing beats an ice cold coca cola....

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