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    Default Re: Would you trade the no. 11 pick for David Lee?

    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckOakley
    FINALLY! A poster who realizes what a crapshoot the draft is. You know what you are getting with Lee... a DD guy which is rare.. you have no idea what the #11 pick is.. hell you don't even know what the #1 is (kwame) #2 is (Darko) #3 is (Morrison/Dunleavy), etc. etc.. There have been plenty of absolute busts in the top 10 alone.

    Why would the #11 pick be worth that risk to the Knicks, esp. when they have the #23 pick in a draft that is so deep, the fall off is not that great after picks 1 & 2. It's being said Isiah may look to get rid of the pick even. Personally, while this draft has Oden, Durant and alot of depth its not very top heavy. I don't see a lot of sure things or star players out there. David Lee may not be a star, but he is not easy to find.

    Also obviously there are players that could be at #11 that COULD be better than Lee, but only with luck would you land a better player. If you have your eyes set on someone and they are still around at draft night at #11, then that is a different story. But to go into the draft blind doesn't make much sense.. for the Knicks at least.
    Dude, everyone understands that the draft is a crap shoot.

    You have to give players the benefit of the doubt, though.

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    Default Re: Would you trade the no. 11 pick for David Lee?

    At the time, I probably would have.

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    Default Re: Would you trade the no. 11 pick for David Lee?

    Odd bump lol.

    Love David, though.

    Gator boy.

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