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Thread: GTAV is boring af

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    Default Re: GTAV is boring af

    i agree. pretty boring...i've deleted it twice from my computer bc i get bored of it quickly.

    there's a Goku mod i want to try.

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    Default Re: GTAV is boring af

    Quote Originally Posted by LAmbruh View Post
    98% being a taxi driver, delivery boy, commute A to B

    2% actual missions that are easy as hell, uninteresting

    The entire 80 mission campain is a tutorial from start to finish, every 30 seconds you're learning a new button layout for every action. The controls and mechanics are clunky as hell. By the time you actually acquire $$$ for decent property, the story wraps. No endgame DLC, repetetive side missions and online multiplayer is a sloth grind...

    It felt like a chore to get through. The entire game your character is a chore boy


    1. Huge immersive world to free roam
    2. Trevor
    3. Character dialogue
    Play GTA V Online after buying on steam , make friends , do heist , amazing missions , hell fun!!!

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    Default Re: GTAV is boring af

    They need to make the mc in the new GTA a hot, sexy chick compared to those girls in the old GTA games.

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