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    "At the end of the day, we want to be a league where strong management is rewarded and ... every team has the opportunity to compete," Silver said.

    If, 10 months from now, Antetokounmpo decides not to reward the Bucks with his signature, the NBA will have to accept that the argument has been dealt a powerful blow.

    IMO I bet he sign's with Milwaukee for less to give the team more player options= that is how confident I think he will sign again with the Bucks.

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    He might stay but I dont think he leaves much money on the table. Hes 24. He should get that "Forever" money while its there and worry about helping his teams win later. I dont care what your job is....they will go on without you. **** that place...get yours. When you have yours....then worry about the little things like how your company is doing. Dudes leave millions on the table and still dont win. KG dropped from 24 million a season to 16 and his team was even less talented the following years. The MVP takes a 30% paycut to end up with Mark Blount.

    Get yours......then see if you need rings for some personal satisfaction later.

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