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    Default Re: Carsen Edwards 30pts in 3rd quarter vs Cavs

    Quote Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
    Part of the "flaw" is that 20 years ago he wouldn't have been allowed to do that by his own coach. What we will never know is what Mark Price would do if he ran a system like D'Antoni's. He was taking shots 5 feet behind the line early in the clock. A guard in 1985 wouldn't even think about taking at least half of the shots he hit in the third. dudes forgot about this.

    Carsen is beefy and he's gonna get to the rim as well. I don't think his size is a problem as long as he passes the ball. Kemba's existence is a problem because they COULD play both at once, but I dunno why they would want to.

    If his ceiling is Lou Will, that's pretty good. I don't think he's gonna be Steph Curry, but dude is a legit NBA player. Compared to late first early 2nd rounders on average, he's a steal, imo.

    His jumper is kind of funky looking but his balance (even when he's kind of drifting, he seems really squared up) and release are really on point, and he seems to be able to get it off really fast. If he can work on breaking down the D and passing more than just pulling it whenever he can, he'll be even better.

    Edit: he also gets really good lift. I guess the downside is someone could Bruce Bowen him because he takes high lift shots in traffic.

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    Default Re: Carsen Edwards 30pts in 3rd quarter vs Cavs

    He's not even the C's best rookie. Tremont Waters had a great preseason and looks like a vet out there. Ainge nailed the draft this year.

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