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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceJam2
    Its why they are always linked when it comes to style. Its not a praise for Kobe its a knock on MJ. Imagine if LeBron's style was compared to a 12be like Kobe

    Lebron's getting Magic + MJ hybrid comparisons
    MJ is getting Kobe and Demar Derozan comparisons

    wait, wut?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImKobe
    Lebron at age 22 averaged 25/8/8 on 41.6%FG in the Playoffs with 22/7/7 5.8 TOV on 36/20/69 splits in the Finals against the Spurs in a 0-4 loss. Kobe at age 22 put up 29/7/6 on 47%FG in the Playoffs with 33/7/7 51%FG in a 4-0 win against the Spurs. Kobe also did his damage in the hand-check era while Lebron played under softer rules.

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