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Thread: Comparing MJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronbron23
    I'm a little confused about the point of this thread. It seems like it's supposed to be an argument for LeBron and against mj but dosnt it just prove the opposite? Bosh went from one of the best fowards in the game before lebron to just a little above average. Wade went from first team all nba to third and it's not like it was because they were getting old. They were both just entering there primes so they should of been getting better.

    This wasn't the case for Pip, rodman and kukoc with mj. Pip continued to improve under mj as he came into his prime and even though rodman was well past his prime he still maintained his first team defensive status.

    And the Phil Jackson argument might be the worst one. How are you gonna penalize mj for being willing to play for a coach that was gonna hurt his numbers? This should be an argument for mj. He was willing to sacrifice his personal success for winning and the greater good of the team.

    LeBron could of went anywhere when he left Cleveland. He could of went to the spurs with pop. I know that's what I was hoping. He would of won 3 or 4 rings easily with pop but his stats would of dropped a little. Instead he chose to go somewhere where he knew he wouldn't have a great coach. LeBron dosnt get credit for that. Personally I don't think LeBron intentionally did this. I just think he honestly thought that he was as smart as any coach so why would he even need a great coach. Even if this was the case mj still gets the credit for being smart enough to put his ego aside to let a professional coach.

    Honestly this thread may be the worst argument for LeBron I've ever seen
    LeBron doesn’t get enough credit for being uncoachable...


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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceJam2

    leBron is the literal #1 playoff leader in nba history.

    So which is it son?

    BPM favors defensive rebounders so Lebron has higher BPM, but his casts had higher BPM as well for 2011 and 2015 (see chart at the top), and were accordingly favored to win the ring in Year 1 of existence those years..

    And what's a tougher path - being gifted a team that is favored to win the championship in Year 1 (2011, 2015), or developing favorite status over many years like MJ?.. Sorry, but there is no case for Lebron.
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    [QUOTE=warriorfan]LeBron doesn

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    Lebron stans melting down lately. Is it because a lesser version of mj(kawhi) just showed how easy it is to win playing his style? I mean you just got traded there with no other superstars and you just won like a boss.

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