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    Default New version of Hornets jerseys

    A new version of Charlotte Hornets jerseys were revealed today:

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    Default Re: New version of Hornets jerseys

    reminds me of what a lot of teams are doing this year by playing it conservative.

    still there are some awful entries this year:

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    Default Re: New version of Hornets jerseys

    As a whole, these 'City' versions are awful this year. Utah, Minnesota, Denver, Indiana and Cream City are the only ones I like. And I bet I'm one of the few who likes MN, IN, and MIL ones.

    The Celtics one looks like some Lord of the Rings-themed head shop font. Jesus. And despite the nice tribute, the OKC one is just gaudy. Black and gold? Yechh. Pistons have the absolute worst though.

    Here's all of them:
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    Default Re: New version of Hornets jerseys

    wow could they not make the font any bigger?

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    Default Re: New version of Hornets jerseys

    Some of those jerseys don’t look good

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