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Thread: Any 'essential' workers here?

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    Default Re: Any 'essential' workers here?

    Doing my appointments on the phone or having clients send in their information via email. No more home visits or coming into the office. There are only 411 confirmed cases in my state atm though. and I'd assume some of those have recovered now.

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    Default Re: Any 'essential' workers here?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hawker View Post
    The collaborative aspect is what is missed with WFH.

    I'm an engineer/BD/project manager so I can't really "WFH" and it's good to be around the ops guys so we can communicate quickly which translates it getting shit done quickly.

    Double edged sword at times as well because I can be deep in doing something detailed and get distracted with random questions.

    So sometimes I'll "WFH" for 2-3 hrs to complete those tasks and then go to the office for the rest.
    I can't get away from people asking me for shit even when I work from home unfortunately.

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    Default Re: Any 'essential' workers here?

    Worked from home today remotely. 90% of my job can be done work from home. The only thing stopping me is having to do intakes in person and having the clients sign paperwork. Otherwise, I don't see why I'm only allowed 1 day to work from home.

    Also, I see WFH being added to some jobs now and it might just be a gold standard on top of PTO to some employers. It's definitely something I'd cater to if and when this becomes more popular moving forward. However, I'll admit I'm way more lazier at home.

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    Default Re: Any 'essential' workers here?

    I'm plenty productive at home with my three monitors, desired mouse and keyboard, and dev environment set up precisely how I want it. The problem is I feel like the work day never really ends. It just bleeds into the next. Work, sleep, work.

    I feel like I'm always on-call, regardless of what time of day it is. I would have gone into medicine if I wanted to be on-call.

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