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    Default The Ascent - XBox Series X


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    Default Re: The Ascent - XBox Series X

    Next gen game trailers are going to be rolling out all summer, always cool times

    Going from playing on PC instead of console during PS2-PS3, I jumped on PS4 in 2015 and am totally impressed by how well this machine holds up still with 2013 hardware.

    Started on NES and got to see all the early generation leaps, one thing that's cool about console gaming is despite 30+ year inflation the price point has relatively remained the same flat rate. SNES $250, XBox 360 $300 PS4 $300 - games all $50-$60 since 1995. Now compare that to cell phones price hike in 15 years, they could have made console gaming a household exclusive luxury. Vidya's remain fairly priced for the amount of tech and years it takes developing games nowadays.

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    Default Re: The Ascent - XBox Series X

    Looks shit.

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