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    Default Top college basketball players

    A different take than probably most people's lists

    1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (formerly Lew Alcindor), UCLA
    2. Bill Walton, UCLA
    3. Pete Maravich, LSU
    4. Ralph Sampson, Virginia
    5. Patrick Ewing, Georgetown
    6. Glenn Robinson, Purdue
    7. David Robinson, Navy
    8. Grant Hill, Duke
    9. Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston
    10. Danny Manning, Kansas

    honorable mentions (no order)
    Michael Finley, Wisconsin
    Michael Jordan, North Carolina
    Chris Mullin, St. John's
    Lawrence Moten, Syracuse
    Elvin Hayes, Houston
    Bill Russell, San Francisco
    Oscar Robertson, Cincinnati
    Magic Johnson, Michigan State
    Malik Sealy, St. John's
    Pervis Ellison, Louisville
    Dee Brown, Illinois
    Calbert Cheaney, Indiana
    Marcus Camby, Massachusetts
    Len Bias, Maryland
    Alonzo Mourning, Georgetown
    Derrick Coleman, Syracuse
    Isiah Thomas, Indiana
    Glen Rice, Michigan
    James Worthy, North Carolina
    Tim Duncan, Wake Forest
    Eddie Jones, Temple

    top Big Ten Conference players
    1. Glenn Robinson, Purdue
    2. Isiah Thomas, Indiana
    3. Michael Finley, Wisconsin
    4. Magic Johnson, Michigan State
    5. Dee Brown, Illinois
    6. Calbert Cheaney, Indiana
    7. Glen Rice, Michigan
    8. Juwan Howard, Michigan
    9. Jerry Lucas, Ohio State
    10. Jim Jackson, Ohio State
    11. John Havlicek, Ohio State

    honorable mentions
    Chris Webber, Michigan
    Jalen Rose, Michigan
    Gary Grant, Michigan
    Deron Williams, Illinois
    Brian Cook, Illinois
    Luther Head, Illinois
    Paul Davis, Michigan State
    Carl Landry, Purdue
    B.J. Armstrong, Iowa
    Voshon Lenard, Minnesota
    Bobby Jackson, Minnesota
    Steve Alford, Indiana
    Mateen Cleaves, Michigan State
    Kendall Gill, Illinois

    top Big East Conference players
    1. Patrick Ewing, Georgetown
    2. Chris Mullin, St. John's
    3. Lawrence Moten, Syracuse
    4. Malik Sealy, St. John's
    5. Alonzo Mourning, Georgetown
    6. Derrick Coleman, Syracuse
    7. Ray Allen, Connecticut
    8. Allen Iverson, Georgetown
    9. Eric Murdock, Providence
    10. Sherman Douglas, Syracuse
    11. Brandin Knight, Pitt

    honorable mentions
    Kerry Kittles, Villanova
    Scott Burrell, Connecticut
    Khalid El-Amin, Connecticut
    Emeka Okafor, Connecticut
    Charles Smith, Pitt
    Jerome Lane, Pitt
    Carmelo Anthony, Syracuse
    Hakim Warrick, Syracuse
    Mark Jackson, St. John's
    David Wingate, Georgetown
    Dikembe Mutombo, Georgetown
    Richard Hamilton, Connecticut

    top Atlantic Coast Conference players
    1. Ralph Sampson, Virginia
    2. Grant Hill, Duke
    3. Michael Jordan, North Carolina
    4. Tim Duncan, Wake Forest
    5. Len Bias, Maryland
    6. James Worthy, North Carolina
    7. Christian Laettner, Duke
    8. Juan Dixon, Maryland
    9. David Thompson, NC State
    10. Mark Price, Georgia Tech

    honorable mentions
    Matt Harpring, Georgia Tech
    Stephon Marbury, Georgia Tech
    James Forrest, Georgia Tech
    Chris Paul, Wake Forest
    Bobby Hurley, Duke
    Rodney Monroe, NC State
    Tony Massenburg, Maryland
    Lonny Baxter, Maryland
    Steve Blake, Maryland
    Sam Cassell, Florida State
    Terrell McIntyre, Clemson

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    Default Re: Top college basketball players

    doesn't anyone have a list? I guess this forum has degenerated into posters idly sitting idol for their favorite players

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    Default Re: Top college basketball players

    if tim tebow played college basketball he would have been the best at that too

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    Default Re: Top college basketball players

    What A.J. Guyton did at Indiana is legendary. Maybe an honorable mention

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    Default Re: Top college basketball players

    can't forget big Wayman Tisdale out of Oklahoma. He was a monster at Oklahoma.

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