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Thread: Players Whose Reputations Improved Most Mid-Career?

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    Default Re: Players Whose Reputations Improved Most Mid-Career?

    Guy mentioned Hakeem who I was thinking of as well.MVP, DPOY, and championships all won after 30 and like he said, he wasnt considered a tier above the Barkleys, Ewings, Malones and Robinsons prior. Plus he was considered a malcontent at one point. Amazing how time washes away all the little details and Hakeem is mostly revered nowadays.

    How about KG? Little team success outside of 2004, goes to Boston to team with Pierce and Ray, who also never won anything prior. All three of them had miles at that point and were shaping up to be on the list of great players who never won. We've forgotten that KG was going out in the first round like Tmac for years.
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    Default Re: Players Whose Reputations Improved Most Mid-Career?

    Idk about most, but LeBron & Kobe deserve mention. LeBron's Cleveland title was a legacy changing win in a historical result, and Kobe shed the can't win without Shaq label

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