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    Default Dennis Schroder officially traded to Lakers

    Lakers receive: Dennis Schroder

    OKC receive: Dany Green, and first round pick Jaden McDaniels (28th pick)

    Danny Green looked physically off during the bubble and it contributed his to poor shooting and slipping defense. I was not expecting that they would be able to move him and get a such a valuable asset. It turns out OKC just wanted the pick as they flipped Green right away to Philly for more draft picks while absorbing Horfords contact. Green only played 25 min a game for the lakers last year.

    This is a very interesting trade as Schroder had a breakout year in efficiency. So the question is are you getting the Schroder who shoots 38.5% from deep as he did last year or are you getting the one that is a career 33.7% shooter? He also had a career high in 2pt shooting at 51.3% up from 48.7% high and a career average of 47.4%. He's right at that age, 26, where a player can either just be another guy or take the next step. Hopefully he took he took that next step. Offensively he offers much more than Green. He can easily replace Greens three point shooting while adding point guard and ball handling skills. He can replace what both Rondo and Green do offensively.

    Defensively Schroder isnt as good or Rondo or Green at this moment and he wont be able to cover bigger wings either. However the Lakers will be surrounding him with great defenders and head coach Frank Vogel will get the most out of him.

    All in all its a solid B grade if your getting career average Schroder, and an A move if your getting the 2020 version. They got younger and cashed in an older player who quite frankly i thought had lost most of his trade value.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Dennis Schroder officially traded to Lakers

    Schroeder is good replacement for Rondo. Wesley Matthews is replacing Danny Green - minor downgrade but 1/3 the cost.

    Good deal! Lets hope we can finish with an interior defender to finish our roster.

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