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    Default Lakers complete Roster overhall

    Rob Pelinka and the Lakers worked fast and furious to complete the majority of the 20/21 season. What a great job they did!

    new depth Chart:
    PG Lebron/Schroder
    SG KCP/Caruso/Horton-Tucker
    SF Mathews/Kuzma
    PF Davis/Harrell
    C Gasol/Morris

    Jordan Bell? (might be wavied)
    Alfonzo McKinnie (might be waived)

    They get younger (Schroder/Harrell both 26) they get deeper (go 10 deep), they get move scoring punch off the bench (Schroder/Harrell), while sacrificing some size (Howard/Mcgee) and Defenese (Green/Bradley/Rondo).

    The beautiful thing about this team is that if Schroder and Harrell cant defend in the playoffs, they can afford to stick both of them on the bench to close out games. Closing lineup of Lebron/KCP/Mathews/Davis/Gasol. or switch Morris for Gasol in smaller lineups. Kuzma fills in for KCP or Mathews depending on matchups. Super versatile!

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    Default Re: Lakers complete Roster overhall

    Roster looks good.

    I just hope Harrell puts on some weight to help him on defense and works on his mid-range jumper around the freethrow line.

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    Default Re: Lakers complete Roster overhall

    Lacking a bit in the bigs department. I always felt Dwight and javale were core to our elite defense that won us a title. But then we also benched them a lot through out the playoff run. So I think adaptability is in our roster DNA. Iím not too worried about it. I feel very good about this team. We just need to go out and win. Schrood, Wes and trezz are team players so this transition to a new roster will be seamless. Fingers crossed!! Excited about chip 18

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    Default Re: Lakers complete Roster overhall

    Definitely liked what Dwight did defensively in some key playoff stretches.

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