Ok -
Bucks obtained Jrue Holiday , and quite frankly instead of a savior to the Bucks , he is worse than Bledsoe

He doesn't take ball up court , so he doesn't create.
He doesn't look for his own shot , so his points are down as well as dimes.
How can he play with energy , when all he has is defense.
Example , he sunk down into the lane , supposedly weak side defense , and when the ball was swung around
the guy jammed it without any defense from Jrue...
I thought playing against Utah , Jrue would take Mitchell = NOPE and Mitchell burned them.
If an opportunity for the Bucks to get Beal , and ship 2-3 guys out , I would be fine with that.

Bucks will make the playoffs , and unless they straighten this out within the end of the month , they will never get home court advantage.
New players need time , but the Bucks need to allow the new guys to play to their strengths as well.
Just how much time will the Bucks waste before another change would be for the better . ??
I thought 2 wins over Detroit and if they take out Utah , they might be on a roll... nope.