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Thread: Shaq AEW Debut

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    Default Shaq AEW Debut

    He seems like a pretty good wrestler for a guy his size.

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    Default Re: Shaq AEW Debut

    I'm amazed at the stunts he performed. I wasn't expecting anything complicated.

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    Default Re: Shaq AEW Debut

    I worry for his heart tbh, guys his size (the very few who exist) put so much strain on the heart already by middle age. Feels like he's really taking a risk doing wrestling stunts.

    Then again, you gotta go out and live your life I suppose. Can't hide under the bed in fear all your life.

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    Default Re: Shaq AEW Debut

    One of the AEW wrestlers died recently and in Shaqs first move he did that wrestlers pose as a tribute

    Very respectful and very classy.

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