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    Default Re: Does lebron regret the decision?

    LeFraud is another Andrew Wiggins media hype job who succeeded just enough for propagandists to maintain illusion that NBA is a legit sport and not scripted like pro-wrestling.

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    Default Re: Does lebron regret the decision?

    Quote Originally Posted by LAL View Post
    Why did he get away with that superteam? Not only teaming up with third best sg ever , but weakening the Eastern Conference completly by eliminating toronto and cleveland before they even began, to give you an example? Promising 8 titles, everyone acting like he didn't spit on the game basketball, the competitive players and coaches and lifelong fans of the purity of sports. Maybe the media expected him to win those 8 rings so they were happy to ride him?

    All because he couldn't win 1.

    Now he's in year 18, never got injured, superteams, bron system, ball hogging, trading teammates, firing coaches, leaving teams, weaknesses, losing finals, media power, eastern conference etc..

    .. Kobe was 5/7 in a 10 year span out West, zero weaknesses. Lebron still can't tie him? Or "kObE hAd ShAq AnD fIsHeR"?
    Kobr can't take credit for Shaq's rings.

    Bean went to 3 finals and won twice and was done.

    LeBron went to 8 consecutive finals and won 4 times overall. That's an entirely different level.

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    Default Re: Does lebron regret the decision?

    How lebron fathom and deny flopping and his fake hairline as the truth means he wont ever regret and acknowledge superteaming.

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