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Thread: The Rashard Lewis contract is frightening.

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    Default Re: Is Orlando retarded?

    Rashard or his agent must have pictures of Otis Smith or their owner doing something illegal. This is terrible. I dont' think anyone would have come within 5 million dollars annually of what he's paying him. Its terrible.

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    Default Re: The Rashard Lewis contract is frightening.

    Quote Originally Posted by samy568
    I think Rashard Lewis should also thank Billy Donovan for the contract. Psychologically Smith didn't want to lose Rashard like he lost Donovan so he gave into every whim of Dutt(Shard's agent). It's all psychological...and Shard cashed out big time.

    That's exactly right. However, GM's are paid to be poker players. This guy did the equivalent of folding before the hand was dealt.

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