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    Default So what's going on with the Playstation 5?

    I haven't been following too much but wasn't PS5 released like 6 months ago? I know it takes time for the titles to add up, but I believe there's still almost nothing. How many exclusives are there? Plus, isn't it still impossible to grab at the store? I think it's so silly how this console has been out for so long and it feels like it's worthless. I can't imagine there will be that many more titles even a year from now.

    Did they really need to come out with this at this time?

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    Default Re: So what's going on with the Playstation 5?

    2020 happened. People going out paying 3 times MSRP to scalpers because of FOMO culture lost their damn minds. I don't see myself buying one till I can easily grab one off the shelf or order off amazon, and there's at least 5 games of interest I CAN'T PLAY ELSEWHERE for it. So, see you in 2023 I guess. To be honest though, I don't even game on that level anymore to keep buying up systems. I been playing since the damn colecovision and had just about every major console since. I'm happy to play on my gaming PC and I got my Switch to play on my lunch breaks or sitting out on my porch.
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