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    Default Re: BLM turns on the Vaxxers

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleverness View Post
    Not sure which reality you're living in, but you have it backwards my friend.

    Democrats Overwhelmingly Favor Vaccination Proof; Republicans Oppose

    ~85%+ of Democrats believe in a vaccine passport to work or eat at a restaurant.

    ...for an endemic seasonal coronavirus with a median age of death above average life expectancy.

    ****ing. Insane.
    Thanks - more proof why I would vote Republican in the U.S right now.

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    Default Re: BLM turns on the Vaxxers

    which store the gonna loot this time?

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    Default Re: BLM turns on the Vaxxers

    BLM needs to get some self awareness. They are an elections prop for the Dems, nothing more. Just hang tight. They'll be plenty of time for rioting, looting, and general mayhem in 2024.

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