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    Default Re: Texas IHOP All Ladies Brawl

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing View Post
    I see you posting right after I post too sometimes, so I'll take that to believe that you're waiting for me too. Now sprinkle some Tajin on this L, eat it, and wash it down with some horchata.
    Donít need no takin when ur that salty

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    Default Re: Texas IHOP All Ladies Brawl

    It wasnít difficult to remember the thread you made on dipping your pancakes in milk. You see itís hilarious because someone that is super fat has no business eating pancakes. Especially dipping them in milk. That would be like of smoke made a thread saying he discovered an amazing new thing by pouring vodka into beer. Itís funny. Google highwhey insidehoops pancakes dipping milk and look whatís the first thing that comes up.

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