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    Default Re: GOAT STAT PADDER KEVIN LOVE has been a nobody since LBJ left

    Quote Originally Posted by SaintzFury13 View Post
    I think Kevin Love has a decent chance at making the Hall of Fame. It might not happen right now, but later down the road. He has the accolades, has made a few NBA records that we might not see broken for quite some time, and he even has a memorable NBA Finals moment (locking up Curry).

    I think what really attributed to Love's decline wasn't the injuries themselves, but that contract he signed with Cleveland after LeBron left.

    When he signed that new deal with Cleveland, I think he expected them to still be a competitive team that he could be the leader of. He wanted it to be a situation kind of like what Scottie Pippen went through when Jordan first left where he was still a superstar caliber player and helped lead the Bulls back into the playoffs. Obviously he didn't expect them to be finals bound at first, but I think he imagined them still at least being able to make the playoffs, and then they continue to build pieces around him and he maybe one day gets them back. After all, everyone's attitude on the Cavaliers at the time was still that they were looking to compete and were expecting to be back in playoff contention.

    But then reality set in when Kevin realized Cleveland was not anything special without LeBron. And the problem with that was that he was now stuck in Cleveland and had no way of getting out. He just signed a new contract so he wasn't eligible to be traded yet, and by the time he was, he already had injury and underperformance issues. He basically became untradeable. And just like that, pretty much any decent years that he had left were now going to waste being stuck in Cleveland. Yeah, he's getting his money, but he's not winning games anymore. And that bothers him greatly because that's all he ever wanted to do was win.

    I am happy for the man nonetheless. There are guys in the hall of fame who have never won a championship. Kevin Love can retire one day and call himself a champion. I'm glad he got to experience that moment.
    Good points! When it comes to the HOF, Love was on a true 1st ballot type of track at one point. As of now, he's not a 1st ballot type of guy in my opinion. And I think the physical AND mental stuff caught up with him. He's NOT CAPABLE of putting up those Minny type of numbers anymore. His first 3 or 4 years in Cleveland, he was still a 23 PPG 13-14 RPG caliber PF. Truly was a top 5 caliber PF still. But was the third option, his numbers took a hit.

    ONCE Bron and Kyrie hit the bricks, IT WAS TIME for the 23 PPG 13-14 RPG K Love to return. IN ORDER for the Cavs to have their best shot at winning. And he's only 33 years old. An age where MANY OF THE GREATS are still in their prime years. Some may be past their peak at that age, BUT they are still in backend prime mode. And EVEN IF they are past their backend prime years, some are still All Star caliber players at least. K Love is clearly past his prime at this point. And likely isn't even All Star caliber (doesn't have to make the actual game, jus saying in terms of caliber) anymore. We'll have to see how he comes back this year.
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    Default Re: GOAT STAT PADDER KEVIN LOVE has been a nobody since LBJ left

    Love's numbers stayed the same when Lebron left in 2018. For the next two injury plagued seasons, he put up the same stats he did with Lebron around 17/10 on solid efficiency.

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