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    Default Re: Charles Barkley’s advice to Shaq about Orlando.

    Quote Originally Posted by baudkarma View Post
    I don't know if the Magic actually preferred Penny, or if they were just using that as an excuse to lowball Shaq. "Oh, you want to play for a contender, don't you? Then we can only pay you this much, because we have to keep room under the cap to sign Penny when he's a free agent.". Then when Penny is up for his new contract, they make the same argument to him, saying they have to keep space under the cap to sign Racer X, and he needs to accept a less than market deal because Shaq already made the sacrifice, why won't you?

    I will agree that many teams decided that they didn't want Shaq on their roster. He voluntarily left Orlando to join the Lakers, but how often did he bounce around after that? Heat-Suns-Cavs-Celtics. NBA teams treasure superstar players, they do whatever they can to keep those special players happy, and yet Shaq got bounced around like a ping-pong ball. Obviously there was something broken there.
    Well to be fair after Lakers he was no longer a superstar so he only got bounced around as a superstar a maximum of 1 time (Lakers to Heat).

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    Default Re: Charles Barkley’s advice to Shaq about Orlando.

    Quote Originally Posted by iamgine View Post
    Poor Shaq

    In Magic, they preferred Penny
    In Lakers, they preferred Kobe
    In Heat, they preferred Wade
    In all cases the fans seemed to take to the flashy, charismatic guard. Much harder to associate with than a snarling 7'1 300 pounder. IIRC Shaq was initially jealous of the whole 'lil Penny' gimmick and how much it added to Penny becoming more popular.

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