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    Default Deion Sanders just pick 6 FSU lol

    Got Travis Hunter a 2 way dog! Arguable best player in class, ranks #2. I remember seeing his highlights and the 7 v 7 battles. Kid was talkin mad shit and backing every word up. Like thereís dudes who talk back it up get cooked back it up get cooked. Nah not him. I donít even follow HS football like that but that kid caught my attention with his swag. Fast forward he goes to Jacksonville with Deion when heís basically a Deion caliber talent. Wow. Who is next to join Jville? That program is gonna see talent they never ever seen before

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    Default Re: Deion Sanders just pick 6 FSU lol

    the best thing to come out of this BLM stuff is the hype and love HBCU are getting

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    Default Re: Deion Sanders just pick 6 FSU lol

    Deion always was a charismatic guy. Seems pretty natural that as a college coach he can recruit with the best of them. How he does with the X's and O's might be a different matter, but if he has the right assistant coaches behind him, and he lets them do their thing, he could turn Jackson State into a force.

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