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    Default Tom Thibodeau Strong Side overload defense

    The NBA tried to give something to iso players when it eliminate the old illegal defense rule and made the zone legal. In order to prevent rim protectors from standing in the paint all day, when the NBA eliminated one kind of illegal defense they created another, the 3 second rule. A defender cannot stand in the paint guarding no one for 3 seconds or longer. Every 2.9 seconds he has to step out of the paint. That's the modern illegal defense rule.

    However, despite the new illegal defense rule, legalizing the zone defense led to Tim Thibodeau's ICE strong-side overload defense, popularized when Thibodeau was the assistant coach in charge of defense during the Celtics' championship season in 2007-08. The zone had been legal for a while, but Thibodeau figured out how to flood the strong side of the floor, the side with the ball, with an extra defender, often forcing a long cross-court pass that would allow time for the defense to recover. The object of the defense was to force the ball out of the best player's hands.

    Thibodeau dealt with the new illegal defense rule by training Kevin Garnett (and later Joakim Noah) to remain in the paint for 2.9 seconds, step out, then step back in. As long as he steps out every 2.9 seconds, he could be in the paint all day, guarding no one.

    Thibodeau's ICE strong-side overload defense, or variations thereof, have been widely adopted in the NBA. The iso has fallen out of favor. The two man game is very popular, but passing to the other side of the floor must remain an option if the two men on the strong side find themselves outnumbered. One of LeBron James' remarkable abilities, for example, is making bullet passes all the way across the floor with precision to a spot up shooter standing at the three point line, so that the defense doesn't have time to recover. This is a vital skill under present rules.

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    Default Re: Tom Thibodeau Strong Side overload defense

    Thibodeau is able to control the game with his strong play and fundamentals, which allows him to make plays in the backcourt and on the perimeter. io games

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