Since when did leftists embrace the FBI and call upon them to do their bidding? Does anyone else see the extreme fringe of the Democrats and the FBI becoming way too cozy like the Nazis and Gestapo?

The FBI went nuts trying to bring down Trump with that nothingburger of Russiagate investigation. Meanwhile they ignored Biden and his son who took bribes from the Ukrainians for political favor. The left has the FBI investigating protestors of covid mandates. The FBI had informants participating in the capitol riots trying to drum up emotion. The left has the FBI is busting people with fake vaccination cards. I mean why would they give a f*ck if people are making fake vaccination cards? Aren't they supposed to be out there busting serious criminals?

And the left is out their reveling over the FBI going after their enemies, if not outright directing them to. When did the left and national secret police become so chummy? Kinda like the Nazis and Gestapo