When I watch a Bucks game , I usually target watching Holiday.

If Holiday has an error free , less or no stupid plays and shoots at least 40% ... I don't even need to know the score or who is going to win.

Lately Jrue is having a bad time of it.
Last few games , bad decisions , and one game he made at least 8 mistakes in 2 minutes (see first half Suns game)

When he is passed the ball and wide open ,
HE CHARGES into coverage and forces a shot or makes a turnover. (NOT TAKING WHAT THE DEFENSE GIVES HIM)

I don't get it.

Last night he played Atlanta - and trust me first half he stopped Trea ,,,, But he shot 15 or more shots and only made 5 buckets.

This is not smart bball- which he is known for.

I hope this cleans up before the playoffs.