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Because everyone acknowledges it's a tragedy, it goes without saying. You want the thread to be filled with "omg this is sickening RIP".. that's never gonna happen . its a random dude nobody knows. The narratives are what drive the conversation

What's deeper to it? If anything the biggest talking point should be what JohnnySIc posted about those guys being hired because of affirmative action and relaxed job requirements. They hired a bunch of thugs and we saw how it played out. But you being an extreme leftist, that's not what you want to touch. You'd rather virtue signal about how insensitive people are
LOL for real. What happened to that kid is sad beyond words. I still feel sick thinking about how he actually fled from police cause he knew they were going to hurt him or possibly kill him. And he was right. That beating felt personal.

But OTC is an emotional Karen so we can't talk about two things at once.