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    Default Re: MLB Season Discussion Thread: 2023

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Sheen View Post

    The little things make so much of an impact.

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    Default Re: MLB Season Discussion Thread: 2023

    It would not surprise me if the Mets went on a run. I actually like their chances of turning it around more than the Astros.

    They are going to have a long lineup once they get Alvarez back. What they lack in one punch superstar they should make up for in everyone else but mcneil having an above average season at the plate. They finally pulled the plug on Baty.
    Senga maybe coming back. He is a legit frontline guy in this league.
    The bullpen has a lot of talent it just feels like an unfortunate coincidence that all of them went bad at the same time.
    They can win against good teams.

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