I could see Lebron winning some matches if his jump shot is on. But here’s the thing. Lebron scores a lot of his points in the paint. Has a decent spin move. But against Jordan or Kobe, he’s not gonna be able to use that drive every play. Their footwork is too good. He would struggle and get frustrated. Might have to rely on flops.

Lebron would be forced into taking shots he’s not used to taking. Jordan and Kobe can score against Lebron and have a lot in their tool bag. Just watch some footage of Lebron guarding Kobe. Kobe ate him alive, one on one. Furthermore, Kobe was very confident he would beat him one on one, whereas Lebron got defensive and said that match is not gonna happen, so stop asking.

Jordan and Kobe would be able to guard Lebron better than he could guard them. See that’s another thing. Basketball happens on both ends of the floor. People want to talk about Lebron’s all around stats, but don’t acknowledge that he isn’t as accomplished on the defensive end. He has some incredible chase down blocks, but those are just highlights. It’s more about what he’s capable of doing, whereas other stars consistently played on both ends of the floor.