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Why did Stuckey miss three games?

I hope he is okay.

Also Samb >> Amir.
Stuckey had been invited to scrimmage with Team USA. I had got that information from 1130 WDFN some time last week. So I believe that this is why he was not available for the rest of summer league.

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I must say I am really impressed with Samb's growth and I think he won himself a spot on the roster. With that said I think it's very difficult to say he is better than Amir at this point. He only averaged 1 ppg more than Amir and he averaged 2 rpg less. Amir was clearly better on the boards. Also I keep reading about how Amir did so many things well that don't show up on a stat sheet. Apparently, defensively he was a monster and was trapping very well. He kinda sounded like the Ben Wallace before 2005.
Right now, I feel safe to say Samb could be growing and progressing faster than Amir did at that stage of career, but when Amir was in the D-league, he was dominant