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qwerty has decent reputationqwerty has decent reputation

Beef, by Jim Jones

A little old(2005) but heres a list on the 25 most dangerous cities.
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Originally Posted by xxxSuperStar
In college, I took a course led by one of the leading black female activists of the current time, and her thesis is "black americans are popularized in mass media for sports, movies, music, comedy, ect to make sure they don't make strides in other aspects such as business, education ect."
jay z is a pretty damn good businessman. in fact a lot of rappers/athletes make huge strides in business.

farrah gray too

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I hate mondays
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I live in a very segregated city, All the whites live out west, the african-americans live in the northeast, and mexicans live in the southeast. Actually, our city's school district is seperating into 3 seperate districts so even the school's are segregated. There isn't a lot of gang activity, but there is some. There are certain parts i wouldn't go to to late at night, but the media really exagerates.

There is an article in my local paper about a football player that is coming from south-central LA, and he talks about how dangerous it was there. He said he lived 2 blocks from the school, but for protection his parents drove him to school everyday.
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Bill Swerski
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Yo Mr. Australia!

American gangs were 90% of what film told you they were....

 the 80's & early 90's....

Now, IN 2006, with arguably the biggest gang culture and history in America(My City, the windy city), IS RELATIVELY CALM.

You mentioned NY and LA, and yes LA had a gang culture that rivaled, maybe even surpassed Chicago's, but NY never had gangs like that, not large, organized gangs @ least.

NY was more into getting money regardless, and true hip-hop culture, during the worst years of American street gangs (1978-1992)
Also, the 5% nation helped out on the block, on the east coast.

Over here right now, in 2006....
Knuckleheads who don't do square business still get murked from time to time, but on the whole, black street gangs all get $$$ across the lines now.

Hispanic gangs still act like it's the 80's a little bit, but as a rule of thumb, the younger the hispanic dude, the less likely he'll trip over who's what.
Older hispanic dudes still don't like people getting money across the lines.

Drugs still, and will always get sold all day, every day, but the age of inter-gang wars, is all but over.

Street gangs are eventually going to phase out.

And the 80's were WAAAAAYYYYYYY worse than right now, except for down south.

Those slowpokes down there are just hitting their 1992 right now.

**** is bad down south right now, but much, MUUUCH better up north.

If you go ahead and write your paper, focus on positives, don't do any more damage to urban America's image.

A few positives:

Murder rates are down, armed robbery rates are down, cocaine use amongst youth is down, teen pregnancy is down.
About the only thing that went up was %ages of THC in the weed. LOL

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