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Default Curry revisited

Let's look at our Center of attention.

When he came to the Knicks he was an out of shape big ball of poor basketball playing baby fat.

He has progressed.........

First I must say he looked lean last game. He moves like a cat and can use his body bulk when he has to or his quickness.

This makes him a rare physical specimen.

He does have a nice low post game and is getting good spin on the ball for layups. He also has been dunking more.

His rebounding has improved.

He made an awesome behind the back pass to Lee for his only assist. he needs to do a lot more of that.

He must do that more consistently so they don't double and triple team him.

Now the big improvement and next step is to play defense.

I have said this many times here, Curry has a huge ego and that's a good thing if channeled correctly like a Shaq.

I think the allstar snub was the best thing that could have happened to him. It was a wakeup call.

He must be an all around better player while putting up the magic 20-10 numbers. There has to be a few blocks, a few assists and some defense there too. Shaq was never a great defender but he knew how to control the lane a bit.

One of the best defenders was Mourning. I'd like to see Curry play a little more like Alonso Mourning on defense. Curry is 6'11" not as big as Shaq and actually has better body control.

He must learn how to use that quickness for defending. I see too many times the other players trying to help him out too much and leaving their man to hit the open shot or hit the man cutting to the basket for an easy dunk or layup.

He has to stand alone more on D and help out a little more. For a center the best way is to clog the lane. That takes timing, he has the quickness but doesn't have the timing down.

You can't just stand there, you'll get a 3 second violation. He used to get them a lot but doesn't anymore. That's why his rebounding and defense is so poor. He has to find his place and timing to make a play.

I hope this snub was a wakeup call and he will now take his game to a higher level.

I actually see him interact with Frye now something he never did at the beginning of the season. Maybe he's maturing and realizes what it takes to be a star and a winner in the NBA and as a man.

I hope so........

I too hate jerome james.
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Now there is hope!
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Default Re: Curry revisited

So far Curry has made excellent improvement on the offensive end this season. I expect his rebounding and passing to also improve somewhat. Hopefully he can get his free throws to at least 70%.

If the Knicks are smart, they will work with Curry to improve his "D."

If he can get to 20 and 10 next year and play decent "D," he should make the all-star team next year and help the Knicks win even more games.
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Default Re: Curry revisited

Don't forget his huge paws.

He has HUGE hands and holds the ball like a grapefruit. Because of that, when he gets the ball, he doesn't let it go. Ewing never had those kinds of hands.

Because of those huge hands, Curry is able to do things -- like take a bad pass behind him on the break and convert it for a score, or put in just about any alley oop pass sent his way. Curry is FANTASTIC at finishing alley oops (something Ewing was not especially great at).

I'm a huge Ewing fan by the way. I wish Curry could play Ewing defense.

Did you see the two alley oops Curry converted last night. Awesome stuff.

He's quick and he's fast like you say, and he's 6'11 and 300 pounds. He's a bear.
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