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Default Letters to Bulls Management Towards SG spot

The SG position just hasn't been right since MJ retired. So I took it upon myself to write a letter and you welcome to copying and pasting the letter. Maybe the Bulls manangment will listen.

Dear Chicago Bulls Management,

My name is Blank and Iím a proud Bulls Fan. Iím really enjoying the season and how the Bulls have been playing this season despite all the injuries the Bulls have run into. One of the current issues of the Chicago Bulls is the shooting guard position. It feels like since Michael Jordan retired the position is cursed. I know you have scouts to watch players in college and internationally, but why donít you sign a player from the D-League? I read that you guys donít like signing players from the D-League. Their have been good players that have come out the D-League like Reggie Williams of the Warriors, Kelenna Azibuke of the New York Knicks, and Anthony Morrow of the New Jersey Nets. There are also players that have been drafted in the 2nd round of the NBA Draft and undrafted to have productive careers in the NBA like Stephen Jackson, Gilbert Arenas, Michael Redd, Raja Bell, Kelenna Azibuke, Wesley Matthew Jr., Jodie Meeks, Monta Ellis, Reggie Williams, Sonny Weems, Flip Murray, CJ Miles, Landry Fields, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Marquis Daniels, Rasual Butler, and Devin Brown. There are quality players in the D-League that can probably help out the Bulls at the SG position like Dar Tucker, Trey Johnson, Stephen Dennis, and Ryan Thompson who can all score inside and out with the ball, defend, and facilitate the ball like a point guards. Another guy that could help is Deísean Butler who is a free agent. I really donít see the trouble of signing a D-League player. If Iím not mistaken your paying only a fraction or less on a D-League player than your paying a player you would draft with a 1st round pick and the contracts wonít effect on your salary cap. I have faith that you are scouting and looking at the best talent will help the Bulls make that ultimate push to win a championship, but I just wanted to say that you should give D-League players, 2nd Round Draft Picks, and Undrafted players a chance because you never know what you are missing out on. Thatís all I wanted to share with you. Thank you for your time and I wish you the Bulls much success.


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Default Re: Letters to Bulls Management Towards SG spot

I just got my reply back today from the Bulls and I was very disappointed because they sent me this letter before when I was writing about a player. This is what they said.

Dear Blank

Because we receive so many letters, it is impossible to offer a detailed response to every point raised in each letter. However, be assured that your thoughts are appreciated and will be carefully considered.

It is gratifying to know that we have so many fans that care enough to write, whether they happen to support or oppose something we've done. If we do not always do what you, please understand that our decisions are often based on information, which simply is not available to the general public.

We have two primary goals which never change; i.e., to win and to maintain an organization of which all our fans can be proud.


Jerry M. Reinsdorf

I think that all the fans should copy and paste my letter and send it to them.
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Default Re: Letters to Bulls Management Towards SG spot

We've had:

Jalen Rose

Jamal Crawford

Ben Gordon

Our SG hasn't always been crap bro. There's no reason to force a trade when there's the draft and free agency coming up to fill in that spot.

Trust me, guys want to play for the Bulls now. The Bulls weren't a for sure great destination last year (though now it's obvious they were), but there's no doubts this time. Bulls have cap space, and are young and will be good for a lonnnng time. Bulls have arguably the best future of any team besides the Heat. Bulls are also a big market team. Prime destination for free agents.

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