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Default Doppelgangers (Sort of)

A girl I know always used to say that all of us have a "twin" out there somewhere, and I never believed her cuz that was stupid. But the other day I met a girl that is literally a dead ringer for a girl I used to know. The faces, the height, the body, it's all like an exact copy. At first I was convinced it was her, but upon further research, I found out this girl isn't her. Unless she's assumed a different identity of a 20 year old living in Canada. She would be 25 I think, and probably wouldn't be Canadian. It's blown my mind, the resemblance is uncanny. Now, since I haven't seen the first girl in a good 2/3 years, it's entirely possible she could look different, but this new girl looks exactly like the version from a few years ago.

I've never seen such a thing before. I've seen people that resemble each other to an extent, but I've never seen two different people, technically a country apart (but really only like 30 minutes), few years apart, look so ridiculously similar. My mind is ****ing blown. Have you ever seen these things?

I'm looking for a picture of the first girl so I can really compare, cuz it's all going by memory right now, which is a lil fuzzy sometimes.
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Default Re: Doppelgangers (Sort of)

heres a picture of one of my friends

here is his doppleganger in the first 5 seconds of this bum fight video.
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Default Re: Doppelgangers (Sort of)

Zoey Deschanel and Katy Perry

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Default Re: Doppelgangers (Sort of)
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