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Lamar Doom
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Default Civilization Revolution (ps3)

the civilization series for pc is one of my all time favorites, aside from being one of the only pc games i ever played (monkey island, grim fandango, subspace/continuum, and a few others being the exception)... I was concerned that the Civ: Revolution game would be a dumbed down version for consoles and would be overly militarily-based assuming their perception is that's what console gamers want/prefer. both were true, it's not as complicated (or as difficult) as some of it's pc predacessors, and it certainly feels like there's a lot of unavoidable combat but the game is really f*cking fun. have barely gotten into the online content (and i rarely get into the scenario stuff) it seems fun albeit a little slower than just plugging away at the computer. spent a few days (week off) this week plowing through it, we beat it on deity (hardest level) every way you can but it's still enjoyable. anyone else have it/into it? your thoughts? you playing online?
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Default Re: Civilization Revolution (ps3)

I didnt like it. I have been a huge Civ fan my whole life, and played a lot Civ 1,2 and 3 on computer. They shouldnt even call this game Civilization. Its way too easy, after a week of learning the game I could thrash the computer on diety every time in about 1.5 hours, which is pathetic compared to the difficulty of deity on past civ games (which would take days or weeks to finish). The PS3 civ rev online is extremely buggy because they use crappy gamespy servers, in fact I never got it to work online a single time. Anyway, I traded this piece of garbage game toward Guitar Hero World Tour.
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Default Re: Civilization Revolution (ps3)

I've got it and im still playing it after a few weeks owning it...I've never owned any previous Civilizations so it's a lil new to me.

I played some online team play against the computer with a mate and its pretty fun but you can't change the AI difficulty which seems to be on warlord diff. so it's very easy.

I'm currently playing on king difficulty but i'm having problems with domination victories although thats probably a result of me rushing attacks instead of planning things..

Any help/useful strategies would be appreciated

P.S:I own it on 360
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