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Legend of Josh
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Default Layoffs... suck!

OK... so this week a few days ago (Wednesday to be exact) a decision was made to dissolve 57 positions in the company I work for... and unfortunately one of those positions was my boss... wow.. it shocked everyone...

My boss has worked for the company a good 9 years or so... one of those "company men" that would step in front of a train if it meant saving the company ... LOL ... OK bad illustration... I just wanted to point out that my boss was let go... and no one expected it... our "new owner" Ceberus thought it necessary to implement the change... and it will unfortunately hurt our company b/c this guy (my boss) has so much experience and expertise not only with our company specifically but the entire auto industry as well that it's bewildering they let him go...

They just want to "do more" ... "with less" ... so they came in and told me and my other 6 team members that we can manage ourselves... we didn't need a boss... we don't need guidance... we're "experts" we're "champs" ... we're "self sufficient / self maintained" and hey who needs a boss!

My job was laid back enough as it is... and nothing will change I will still perform at a high level... but I will say without my boss to show us some intangibles I and others have yet to encounter this will certainly show in results in the next 6 to 9 months... I mean ... we now report to someone more than half way across the country we've never seen before in person... just in video conference... and they're now expected to manage us and lead us to be productive and successful now...?!

It's crazy...

I'm not complaining... I'm just saying times are tough... and people that have what seems to be a supreme set of skills / credentials / knowledge are being "let go" because times are just too damn hard to keep everyone employed right now...

It's scary...

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Default Re: Layoffs... suck!

I live in a small town (15k ish), we've lost over 1200 jobs in the last year, all manufacturing. We've gone from a predominately lower-middle class town to 12%+ unemployment and really no hope for the future. Back in late 07 we built a business park to try and lure some BS/BA holders, we had agreements with a few companies to occupy the space. Then they went bankrupt, so we've got a ~$4M space completely empty, which is a MASSIVE investment for a town our size. We're on the slippery slope of ghettodom, even moreso than we already were. It really is quite scary, we've gone from a town with bragging rights (for our size) in terms of manufacturing jobs to mass exodus.

The worst part is we've got a premier college (Wabash College), and no means to keep graduates within the county limits. I'm living the downfall of a "bedrock of America."
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The Pistol
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Default Re: Layoffs... suck!

I don't know how crazy this notion sounds, but I don't know why companies just don't reduce the hours of their employees if they are paid by the hour. I can understand salary workers, but a lot of companies have been doing away with hourly employees as well. Offer them less hours and you can save some money that way, plus you don't have to pay out for insurance any longer, and the employee gets to keep his/her job.

But that's just me thinking out loud
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Default Re: Layoffs... suck!

I know it's bad. I live in a town where the unemployement rate is lower than the states rate at 7.4% while the state is over 9.0% and you can still feel how hard it's hitting. Manufacturing jobs here are being cut, meanwhile customer service call center jobs are blostering and they're expanding. Here APAC and CenturyTel are both hiring.
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