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Default little things that just put you over the top...

don't you just hate it when all these little things go wrong and it's just like you can't catch a break.

nothing major. just little nuisances, that when added all up together, you just wanna explode.

First, about a year ago, I bought my son a remote control truck (4x4). Cost me about 120 at Toys R Us. We opened it up and played with it for about a week, but he just wasn't interested in it at that time. So I put it up in my spare storage room in the basement. Anyways, I go down there to get it yesterday cause he had seen some previewed on TV and acted like he was interested now.
Lowe and behold, I can't find the controller. ANYWHERE. Hunt for like 2 hours. nothing. ask everyone about it, and soon enough my son admits that he had went down there and tried to get it to work a couple months ago and broke the controller. he was afraid he would get in trouble, so he just threw the controller in the trash and covered it up. So that pretty much ruins that 120 toy.

So we had a big family get together/dinner today. I broke out my camcorder and recorded stuff today. I never have upgraded to the new style camcorders, I still have the one that uses the 8mm small cassette. anyways, you would fill up the cassette, then hook it up to your VCR with RCA cable, and record it on a regular VCR tape. I know, I need to upgrade, but don't have the money right now. Anyways, what do ya think happens? I get home, go to hook it up to the VCR, and the RCA cable is gone. nowhere. Not just any ole RCA cable will work either, because it's got to be a 1-into-2 or 3 cable. and the 1 end that goes into the camcorder is smaller than normal rca jack. looked around forever and finally already know what's coming.

the wife said, oh I left that sitting around for like 6 months and we never used it, and I didn't really know what it was for, so I threw it away.

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Default Re: little things that just put you over the top...

****ty. But dude, look on eBay and you can find replacements for probably both of those things.
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