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Default Blake Griffin To The Pistons

I didn't expect that. I guess Detroit did it because he has a long term contract and won't be able to go anywhere. It still doesn't solve us not having a PG or a SF. He's definitely the best player we've had here in a while. With that said he's really not a guy to build around as a #1 option on a championship caliber team. What this tells me is SVG was feeling some heat and wants to creep into the playoffs to try to save his job for another year or two rather than building for the future. I'm really curious what they do at PG now though. They must be thinking Reggie is going to come back and play at all-star form. I'm actually surprised the Clippers moved him. Sounds like a total rebuild there now. I wonder if they keep DeAndre and Lou Williams around.
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Default Re: Blake Griffin To The Pistons

Just needs to stay healthy and I like this deal, finally someone who is a top 10 player when at the peak of his game. Him and Dre should work well and facilitate most of our offense through their passing ability.

Bullock since starting for us is shooting 49% from 3 and 53% overall, whilst playing above average defense on the wing. Think he fits in well at SF next to Dre and Griff, and also hope Kennard gets more of a look at SG as he is shooting 44% from 3 as well. Those two should help space the floor for the bigs to go to work.

But pretty excited to see Griff in a Pistons uniform, not going to lie! When is the last time we had a guy with this big of a profile on our team? 20 years ago with Grant Hill perhaps.....
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Old 01-30-2018, 02:23 AM   #3
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Default Re: Blake Griffin To The Pistons

I think the Clippers as of right now slightly win this deal. The Pistons will have one of the highest payrolls in the league for a mediocre team. I get why they did it. It's the only way for them to get a star player. They did give up two starters who were younger, a solid backup C, and a first and second round pick. That's a lot. We could have (and probably should have) done what they are doing. Try to move up in the draft rather than fight for a bottom playoff spot. That's why I think SVG is just trying to save his job at this point.

I look at it like this. Griffin and Jordan are pretty much the same front line as Griffin and Dre. The difference is the Clippers actually had one of the best PG's in basketball. We have Reggie who can't stay healthy and even when he was 100% he wasn't that good. That Clippers team was a 2nd round exit team every year. We basically just built a team like that, but gave ourselves no financial flexibility and we don't have picks to put a good young core around them. I still think Milwaukee and Chicago have a slight long term advantage on us with the way they are building. Not to mention Griffin has never stayed healthy. Don't get me wrong. I like him as a player. I just feel like this team is still headed in the wrong direction. We need one more superstar type player. I don't know where that comes from. They obviously need to dump salary now. My best guess is they try to move Reggie somehow. He makes more sense to move than Drummond. Then we somehow need to have a more productive PG at a cheaper salary. I'm not sure how that will work. We also really need to cross our fingers that Stanley Johnson will finally step up and play like we all have wanted him to. With Bradley gone that does hopefully free up some minutes for Kennard who seems like the future at SG here. We really need to hope for a lot from him in the future. I look forward to him possibly getting a bigger role. We're still weak at PG and SF which are the two most important positions on the floor IMO. Any ideas on how to change that?
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Default Re: Blake Griffin To The Pistons

Well, it looks like they might be after another injury prone player. I like Hood. This is clearly a big push for SVG to save his job for another year or two.

The Pistons might not be done making moves. Multiple sources say that they are after Jazz guard Rodney Hood and could send out forward Stanley Johnson. via The Ringer

At this point this really has to be about SVG more than it is anything else. If this doesn't work out the Pistons will be set back another 8 years. If we would have stuck with a youth movement 4-5 years ago when we should have we wouldn't be in this situation. We've stuck ourselves in a mediocre movement instead. It's very hard to recover from that. It takes time.
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Default Re: Blake Griffin To The Pistons

Rather than Rodney Hood, if they are looking to make a trade I'd go for Tyreke Evans. He's been playing very good for the Grizzlies. He can shoot pretty decent from behind the three point line and create for others. He's a combo guard but can take Reggie's place right now. I'd actually start him over Reggie anyhow.
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Old 02-02-2018, 08:27 AM   #6
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Default Re: Blake Griffin To The Pistons

To be honest, when I heard about this deal, I flipped. I had the "wtf is going on with this team" moment pop in my head. Why are we spinning our wheels, this doesn't truly bring us anywhere unless multiple things occur in the East over the next SEVERAL YEARS.

I used to think SVG was at fault for how the Pistons are becoming mediocre. I've been secretly saying in my head "Fire SVG."

I am realizing now this is all on the ownership. And it must be cultural.

The Pistons will always be mediocre to good. We aren't going to be bad. The ownership genuinely wants to put a good product out there, even to the detriment of our future. So, on the carousel we were riding before, we weren't making moves for any superstars. We were just barely good enough make the playoffs, or barely bad enough to miss the playoffs.

But, at the end of the day, the ownership is putting pressure on management to put a great product out there. Remember, Detroit is a culture of champions. We had back-to-back in the late 80s, early 90s. That team went to 3 straight championships. They could have went to four straight. And they could have won 3 straight champions if not for some very questionable calls in '88. Our streak of NBA Finals ended at the hands of Michael Jordan in the ECF.

Detroit is a culture that created THE MOST DOMINANT defense in NBA history. I can show you the stats. The mid-2000 Pistons could literally shut any team down in NBA history. I don't care what team you threw at them. 6 straight ECF. 2 straight NBA Finals. And one Big Bob Horry from another back-to-back championship.

WE ARE DETROIT BASKETBALL. We are not the Philadelphia 76ers. We are not the disastrous LA Lakers. I don't care for being at the bottom of the league. I don't want to be lumped as a pathetic team. I took that L when the Lions went 0-16 AND WE HAD MEGATRON. That is not a proud moment in our history.


So here it is. We got Reggie. Outcast from OKC. We got Drummond, who is not taken very seriously in the league. We got a young squad that can make buckets. And now, we got Blake. A man with a chip on his shoulders. A man who was once considered a superstar for a team that discarded him like trash.

Is this kind of feeling like the '04 Pistons again? We have now officially set ourselves up to pick up a couple more pieces and really make noise.

LET'S GO!!!!!!!!
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