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Default Re: just started working out

Originally Posted by El Kabong
I just don't understand how people can eat that stuff by the spoon full. I like it on sandwiches, but eating it with a spoon is gross.
I just hate how they pack it in water. I have to strain it first then mush it with the top of the can to press the rest of the water out then add a tablespoon of miracle whip.

That's how I eat my chicken breasts when I get tired of them too. They can get bland and old easily, so just throw them in a food processor, maybe 2 more miracle whip servings, cheese, and celery and make a chicken salad. If I am really up to it, I'll add some grapes, chopped pieces of apples, walnuts, celery, the whole shabang.
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Default Re: just started working out


I always hear about how the biggest mistake beginners make is working out too often. But how often is too often?

I work out
Day 1: Biceps/Back
Day 2: Tricepts/Chest
Day 3: Shoulders/Legs

I know it's not enough Legs, but other than that, am I working out too often?
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Default Re: just started working out

Good fats are a massive part of it, without them you are almost wasting your time.

Things like Peanut butter(the good brands), Almonds, Peanuts(unsalted) and nearly all nuts are a good source, try and use extra virgin olive oil when cooking instead of other oils, the stuff is full of good fats. Basically you can search on google for what are some other sources.

Carbs are important also, things like Oats, Brown Rice, Brown Bread are all good healthy sources to add carbs without adding bloat(if it is white it is basically useless for gaining good weight.

Protein is the key though. Chicken, Fish and Turkey are pimp for getting good lean protein in you. Also highly recommend protein shakes, you can use them as a meal supplement.

Also, the breaking it up into 6 meals is a very effective way of maximising nutritional intake. A good breakfast with some oats and fruit(say banana), a protein shake, nice chicken pasta bake or something or turkey breast sandwich for lunch is a good start, fill it out from there.

As for the working out part, try not to overdo it, 4 or 5 times a week is as much as you reasonably should do. If you plan it out well you can do 6 or 7 but if you are just starting you really aren't at that phase yet. You basically want to do dynamic exercises such as the Bench Press, Dead Lift and Squats, these 3 should be the only things that you do in ever single session, try and mix it up so you do say an Arms/Chest session, then a Legs/Back and so on. Try and keep the workout to about an hour or so and if you have them, knock back a protein shake soon after you finish working out, mix in some dextrose(good type of sugar basically) to accelerate the bodies uptake.

It is also important to sleep a lot, if you are working out you want to try and get a regular 8 hours in if possible, sleep is when the body repairs(which is how the muscles grow) primarily. The working out breaks down and strains the muscles and the body repairs them and builds them up to better resist the strain you put on them. Sleep is pivotal. Pre-sleep meal also can be, you want to get a special kind of protein called casein. Found primarily in dairy products. If you can stomach it(try adding peanut butter, jam or something to it), try Cottage Cheese, get the fat free kinds, do a nice bowl of that before bed and you will give your body what it needs to do some magic while you sleep.

Hope this helps.
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Default Re: just started working out

Proper macronutrient intake should look like this:

40% protien
50% carbs
10% essential fats

When trying to gain weight the intake alters to so that your carb intake is roughly 3:1 to your protien intake. Simple formulation to gain mass, take in more calories than what your body normally burns off. Average calorie expenditure for a normal man is 2700 calories a day. An active person may elevate that to 4000 calories. So fator in this:

1 gram protien = 4 calories
1 gram carbs = 4 calories
1 gram fat = 9 calories

With that being said, an active man should consume about 1 gram per pound of bodyweight of protien daily. Because protien elevates metabolism, for weight gainers it would require more carb intake. Hence having about 3 grams of carbs for every gram of protien minimal. so factor this.

175 pound man = 175 grams protien daily = 700 caloires

175 x 3 = 525 grams carbs = 2100 calories

Factor in about at least 30 grams of fat = 270 calories

that's 3070 calories per day. Factor in activity level and increase carb intake to compensate glycogen levels, stored muscle energy and building muscle mass.

Hopefully that formula helps.
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Is it in you?
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Default Re: just started working out

Lol, Maybe I sould read through the thread first before posting. Lot's of great info.

Foods to eat:


Make sure it's a source which has a complete profile of amino acids.

Beef and chicken are great but some more that even have more theraputic/nutrient supplements.

Soy: misconception that it's only for women. Soy has alot of lethicin which is an important part of elevating brain functions and rich in B-vitamins

Egg: One of the most complete sources and contains alot of lethicin as well. Slow and fast digesting protien that can maintain longer anabolic rates (anabolic=muscle building state)

Peanuts: As mention by Jabes and Wogi rich in fats, primarily omega-3, the hardest fat to get through regular diet since it is only found in nuts and fish.

Whey: Isolate is the only source of protien that is alkanalizing. Meaning buffers acidity. It also has the highest content of cystine which important for the proper utilization of amino acids forming both glutithione and arginine. Most convenient and fastest absorbing. Best for post workout.
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