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Default Mock Draft 1.0

The lottery was simulated and this is who I think and should be drafted in the first round:
1. Heat- Michael Beasley (The best prospect in the draft. Marion would be expected to not be signed. Have to rebuild with Wade and Beasley).

2. Timberwolves- Brook Lopez (The play by Telfair has been really well so that is why they should pass up on Rose. Al Jefferson is turning out be a great player for the forum and pairing him with Lopez would be a great combo down low).

3. Knicks - Derrick Rose (Marbury is expected to be cut or traded and Rose is a good way to start to rebuild a team by keeping guys like David Lee).

4. Grizzlies - DeAndre Jordan (Kwame Brown and Darko are down low...they need a real center. Got really good guards with Lowry, conley, and crittenin)

5. Sonics - Eric Gordon (Gordon with Durant and Green is going to really put the Sonics on the way back to the playoff team. Wilcox, Collison, Petro, and Watson are all playing well and this is a good young nucleus to work with while having a good coach with it)

6. Clippers - OJ Mayo (He was overhyped and the Clippers always make bad choices in the draft. He is a good scorer. He will stay in LA and the organization has to hope he lives up to his potential. If he does, him and Thorton would be a great thing to build on)

7. Bobcats - Marreece Speights (Really good big man out of Florida who some say is better than Horford. Hopefully him and Emeka will be a good combo down low. They better or Jordan could be out)

8. Bucks - Nicolas Batum (would be a good fit with the disappointing Bucks. He is compared to Rudy Gay. Hopefully this extra piece gets the Bucks to the playoffs with a talented team)

9. Pacers - Anthony Randolph (Really versatile PF that can team with Jermaine O'Neal if he stays)

10. Bulls - Roy Hibbert (They got all the pieces and now need a true center. He is the best passing big man in the draft which will help the Bulls out with all of those shooters)

11. Suns (via Hawks) - Donte Greene (Forward who can try to fill in Marion's spot. He has alot of potential.)

12. Kings - Jarryd Bayless (Bayless arguably is the best PG behind Rose in the draft. Udrih is doing a good job but Bayless is too good to pass up on. He has many upsides and a bright future)

13. Trailblazers - Danilo Gallinari (Said to be the most complete player in the draft who plays like a 30 year old vet. He knows the game and can add to the young bright future of the trailblazers. When Oden gets healthy this will be a scary and deep team)

14. Nuggets - Ty Lawson (Fastest player in the draft with the ball. Will fit in with the Nuggets as he can run the floor for them and set up AI and Melo)

15. Nets - Russell Westbrook (Really talented combo guard. If Carter is traded he can step up and fill in that spot while the Nets rebuild for Brooklyn. Building alot of good pieces for LeBron maybe?)

16. 76ers - DJ Augustin (Andre Miller is leading this surprising group to the playoffs, but is not really that young. Miller does have trade value so he might leave)

17. Wizards - Hasheem Thabeet (This team is a really solid center away from being on top of the East. Thabeet will be like a Mutombo. Will change defenses minds on trying to score down low)

18. Raptors - Chase Budinger (He has all the capabilities to become a legit starter in the NBA. Just struggling right now but will find it. Would fit in with the Raptors)

19. Cavaliers - Darren Collison (He should not drop this far but might. Cavs cannot pass up on a guy like this while he can take the ball away from LeBron as a really good PG they need)

20. Warriors - Kevin Love (A big man who can ignite the fast break. Would fit in. He can throw deep passes from the parking lot on the money)

21. Magic - Serge Ibake (He is compared to as Shawn Kemp. Him and Dwight down low would be scary)

22. Mavericks - Bill Walker (If he gets back to the way he was before his injury will be a great steal. Kidd will find him flying to the hoop alot)

23. Jazz - Kosta Koufos (Can beat you inside and outside. Jazz could use another guy like this coming off the bench or even starting with Boozer)

24. Suns - DeVon Hardin (Really good center who can take Shaq's position or back him up)

25. Rockets - Tyler Smith (Really good shooter for when the D concentrates on McGrady and Yao)

26. Hornets - Wayne Ellington (Good scorer to have. Morrris Peterson really is not helping them out)

27. Lakers - Darrel Aurhor (Would fit in with the triangle and add depth to this deep team)

28. Spurs - JaMont Gordon (Versatile gaurd that would fit in. Having a very strong season)

29. Pistons - DaJuan Summers (Forward that can just add even more depth to the Pistons)

30. Celtics - Kyle Weaver (Can play both positions at guard to add depth to this team)
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Default Re: Mock Draft 1.0

I don't think the T'Wolves will pass up Rose. They need a true PG, as I just can't see Foye being the franchise PG. Also, I don't think Telfair is a long term plan for the Timberwolves.
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Old 03-10-2008, 09:13 AM   #3
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Default Re: Mock Draft 1.0

good mock-

i could see where the t-wolves pick is likely, as they really want al jefferson to play power foreward. maybe the wolves would be very happy with the 3,4,or 5 pick

i would also really hope the nuggets select russell westbrook in that spot- if iverson is still around the ty lawson pick is tough because of the defensive liability of two small gaurds- imo westbrook fits the nugs perfect with or without ai.

you might be the first ive seen with speights (florida) so high- better than horford is some high praise- makes me want to take another look at florida
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Old 03-10-2008, 02:51 PM   #4
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Default Re: Mock Draft 1.0

I don't see the Rockets taking another shooter, their team is filled with shooters who TMAC and Yao can dish it out too, I think they go for a backup C or a true PG.
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Default Re: Mock Draft 1.0

Originally Posted by TMACDaddy
I don't see the Rockets taking another shooter, their team is filled with shooters who TMAC and Yao can dish it out too, I think they go for a backup C or a true PG.
Actually Tyler Smith is good shooter but he is not limited to that; he is Shane Battier 2.0.
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Old 03-10-2008, 05:12 PM   #6
The Big Three
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Default Re: Mock Draft 1.0

I hope Smith stays in school with Chism and Ramar Smith, I think he could end up being a very good player. He would also have that experience factor that could get him drafted higher if there's a team that doesn't want to take a big chance.
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Old 03-11-2008, 01:44 AM   #7
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Default Re: Mock Draft 1.0

No way is Speights better than Horford. The thing everyone needs to remember is that Horford played with a team full of NBA players. Speights is doing it with a much weaker team. This team has a ton of potential, but none of these guys would have been much more than an afterthought on last years team. I'm not saying Speights can't be a very good player, but lets not overhype him to the point where he can't live up to expectations.

I think with the Rockets current winning streak people are forgetting about this teams weakness'. Yes a backup C and true PG would be nice, but who are they going to take? You yourself don't have any centers going after their pick, and Gordon is hardly a "true" PG. This teams other weakness is having someone to score when things are not going right. McGrady is good for missing 20 games a year and when he is out they don't have anyone that can really just get to the basket and make something happen. As a team, like they are playing now, they can bring everything together and be great, but that isn't going to be the case for a whole season. Smith is not only young and could replace Battier if he leaves in the next couple years, but he can also provide a spark off the bench. Landry and Head have proven they can do that somewhat, but there is nothing to say these two could be used in trade bait at some point in the near future. Smith may not be T-Mac, but he is athletic and rebounds, can force turnovers, and is a pretty good passer as well.
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