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Old 04-22-2009, 06:47 PM   #16
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Default Re: When pickup bball gets way too intense!

I've gotten into my share of fights while playing ball. Me and my buddy got our asses kicked pretty good the one time when we were leaving to go to our car. Other than that I haven't taken much damage from a fight at the courts.
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pete's montreux
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Default Re: When pickup bball gets way too intense!

Nothing ever too serious.

Ah, couple years ago some kid kept trying to steal the in bounds and jumped into me a few times to get it and swatted it out of bounds. I told him something bad was going to happen if he did it again. He did anyways, and as he jumped into my, I stuck my elbow out right into his mouth. Three of his front teeth got smashed off and he was rolling around in pain and bleeding. Oh well. I felt bad, but he kept jumping into me and almost knocked me over a few times. He just grabbed his teeth and ran to the hospital that was right up the street. Never saw him again.

A few months before that, I was playing one on one with a kid and he elbowed me in the mouth after I upfaked him, split my lip open, too. He tried to play it off like it was an accident but then 10 minutes later he said he was going to do it again if I kept upfaking him. He tried, and missed, and I grabbed his head and rammed it against the metal pole that was holding up the backboard and rim. He was knocked out cold, I waited like five minutes and grabbed my stuff and left. I saw him a few times after that and he never said anything. Oh well.
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Old 04-22-2009, 07:21 PM   #18
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Default Re: When pickup bball gets way too intense!

Originally Posted by GOBB
No stories of you getting punked, backing down or your ass getting kicked?

Ive gotten my ass kicked three times in my life, never on the court. A few situations I avoided conflict but around my area no one really starts **** with me. Once, I was playing with a whole crew of ppl I didnt know in a pretty ghetto area and I was alone and things got heated when one of em called a foul on me and said do that again and ill lay you out, to which I replied do what u gotta do...but I didnt really wanna test him with a hard foul right outright punking was done however

I used to get in more trouble as a young kid with a huge mouth but I was too young for ppl to really lay into me on the playground.
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Default Re: When pickup bball gets way too intense!

I don't remember ever getting into a fight over a game of basketball. I'm not a **** talker. The only time anyone will hear me talking ****, is if the other guys start talking to me first. It pisses me off, so I'll talk right back to em and play a lot harder. Just motivates me to destroy whoever is talking on the court. I don't think I've ever gotten into a full on fight over a pick up game. Probably because I don't play dirty like some of you mother****ers, elbowing people and ****.
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Old 04-22-2009, 08:33 PM   #20
Lamar Doom
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Default Re: When pickup bball gets way too intense!

the other day after a heated game (dudes arguing and talking a lot of sh*t, not me, i usually laugh at that) had a guy go to his car, open his trunk, and show all of us that he had a gun. yelling something like "i ain't no punk" or something. okay cool breeze, thanks for sharing. f*cking LA. there is an impressive collection of f*ck heads out here. it was definitely goon time.
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Old 04-22-2009, 08:36 PM   #21
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Default Re: When pickup bball gets way too intense!

I always keep my composure on the court. Back when I played in high school my coach would always make us run lines if we lost composure during practice or a game and ever since then I cant help but to keep it cool. I do get emotional and pissed off when im playing with dirty players but I never let it show in my game. The only time I ***** someone out is if I think they are intentionally trying to injure someone. The only thing close to a fight I have ever had on the basketball court was a shoving match with one of my best friends when he knocked me down hard twice in a row when I was driving at the basket.
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Default Re: When pickup bball gets way too intense!

When I was younger I grew up in a pretty bad part of Gary. For the record, I am biracial but look much more white than anything.

I don't understand the sociology of it all, but black dudes around me could not STAND to see a white guy be better at ball than at least 95 percent of them.

One of the black dudes got in my face and tried to do the "stare down the other guy to compensate for your lack of skill" tactic during pickup. We went back and forth a few times and eventually agreed to play one on one to settle it. Now, not to oversell my abilities, but this guy was WAY worse than me.

So the game starts and I am taking him off the dribble fairly easily and off the block pretty much at will (he was about 4 inches shorter than me and 25 pounds lighter)...the score is about 9 to 2 or so.

Then...he starts calling traveling on literally every single possession when I put the ball on the floor. Literally. 100 percent of the time. The next time we were at check, I literally stood still and hit a 3 in his face. Didn't put the ball on the floor, didn't even move my feet....and he called traveling again!

I called him a coward and walked off. He started to chest-thump and said I was "running scuurred". Okay. Later on in a summer league game I caught him for at least 20 and 10, and 8 years later, I'm pretty sure he is in jail.

Funny thing is, his brother was WAY better (a little better than me in fact) and was extremely modest. Weird.
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